Engineered with premium marine grade stainless steel, the Sigma Pot provides long-lasting durability and performance to your outdoor kitchen.

Designed for compact packing and convenient handling, it features a Pivot-Lock handle that securely locks into place during use and locks away when stored. Other features include a unique slotted strainer pattern for easy flow, a silicone Lid Keep which hooks to the side of the pot when cooking, and a base which provides better heat absorption and stability on camp stoves.

Delta Light dinnerware is compatible with Sigma Pots and nests inside to create a compact and comprehensive camp kitchen set.

  • Marine-grade stainless steel for durability
  • Patent-pending Pivot-Lock handle with safety lock for secure and easy operation
  • Large internal radius between base and sidewall makes the pot easy to clean
  • Easy flow strainer lid for efficient draining
  • Graded volumetric scale is featured on the side of the pot for easy measurement
  • Anti-slip base coating provides stability on camp stoves


  • 1.2L: 144mm x 96mm
  • 1.9L: 165mm x 120mm
  • 2.7L: 182mm x 120mm
  • 3.7L: 20.2cm x 13.6cm


  • 1.2L: 214g
  • 1.9L: 308g
  • 2.7L: 370g
  • 3.7L: 481g