The WakaWaka Solar Panel is a powerful, foldable solar charge station.

Take it on all your outdoor trips and stay connected. Plus know that with every purchase, you help someone in need access clean energy anywhere in the world.

  • Harness the sun’s endless energy with four ultra-efficient solar panels
  • Headed outdoors but want to stay connected? Dual USB ports let you charge two devices at once. Phone, action cam, e-reader, or smartwatch – it’s your choice. Stop your devices ending as deadweights in your pack
  • The sun is an endless source of power. Place your WakaWaka Solar Panel facing the sun and simultaneously charge your devices thanks to its 10 Watt Solar Panel
  • The WakaWaka Solar Panel can withstand any adventure thanks to its rugged, scratchproof and splashproof design. It is made of high impact and temperature-resistant materials to avoid overheating
  • Just fold the panel to a compact, convenient size and go. You won’t even notice it. It’s lightweight and easy to carry or hang from your pack
  • Dimensions: 77mm x 45mm x 16mm

Weight: 698g (solar panel) 45g (link)