The WakaWaka Power+ is a powerful, compact solar power bank and flashlight for every outdoor situation. Going to a festival, camping, or picnicking? Have the power you need to share your stories with your friends, use your action cam, play music, or just light up the night sky. All with free energy from the sun. Plus know that with every purchase, you help someone in need access clean energy anywhere in the world.

  • Heading into the great outdoors but want to stay connected? Bring your smartphone, action cam, smartwatch, and more and charge them with the integrated, ultra-efficient solar panel that lets you harness the sun’s endless energy
  • Stay charged, always. With a fast-charge USB port you can charge your smartphone, smartwatch, camera and other devices at grid speed, in under 2 hours
  • With a 3000 mAh battery, you can charge your smartphone completely, your smartwatch 7.5 times, and your camera 3 times
  • State of the art solar technology lets you power up your devices even on cloudy days. The power of the sun is turned into electricity in the most efficient way
  • Camping on the beach or getting into position to climb at dawn? We’ve got your back. Two powerful LEDs provide up to 200 hours of bright light. So you’re never thrashing around in the dark thanks to its four light settings
  • The WakaWaka Power+ is compact and lightweight. So it’s easy to carry or hang from your pack
  • Dimensions: 121mm x 78mm x 17mm

Weight: 200g