The Butora Acro is the comfortable aggression you’ve been searching for that gives you both. It is an aggressively down-cambered shoe, designed for steep sport climbing and bouldering. This shoe has taken even the smallest details into consideration, because sometimes that’s the difference between failing and sending.

  • A high-tensioned heel rand brings power to the front toe for superior edging
  • Butora’s signature triple fork hook and loop strap gives you the convenience of a slipper with the security and custom fit of a lace-up shoe
  • Toe hooking capability without adding an excessive amount of rubber
  • Butora Neo Fuse Rubber
  • Wide hook & loop fastening strap and triple fork system for a custom fit
  • Moisture wicking German split-leather footbed for comfort
  • 3D Injection moulded midsole for a perfect fit
  • Nylon mesh tung with silicone sponge inside for more comfort