10.2 mm-diameter single rope for indoor climbing, with LongLife treatment.

Supple and highly resistant, Tepee 10.2 mm is the perfect single rope for high performance indoor climbers. Its LongLife treatment provides it with increased resistance against dust and moisture infiltration.

Its braided core, the only one of its kind on the market, guarantees it extreme suppleness over time.

  • Intended for indoor climbers
  • Braided core for more suppleness
  • Diameter adapted to all belaying equipment
  • Easy to handle and karabine
  • Thick core for better abrasion resistance
  • The LongLife treatment enables increased resistance against dust and moisture infiltration by impregnating each thread in the sheath individually
  • Middle of the rope marked (MiddleMarking) for safer climbing at the head or in abseiling and to facilitate manoeuvres


  • Diameter: 10.2mm
  • Weight: 67g/m
  • Sheath percentage: 41.8%
  • Number of falls: 7
  • Impact force: 8.4kN
  • Number of strands: 32
  • Dynamic elongation: 33.8%
  • Static elongation: 5%
  • Knotability: 0.93
  • Breaking strength: 22.7kN
  • Component: 100% polyamide