The Lightsticks give a total illumination for up to 12 hours (6” Green, Red, Orange and Yellow) and 8 hours (6” White). This is more than enough light to get anyone through an evening of darkness or a roadside emergency.

ChemLight can be used in any weather. The products are water-proof, wind-proof, and can be used in severe weather and do not require any maintenance. ChemLight don’t rely on batteries or electricity, there’s no bulb, flame, spark, heat smoke or fumes, just safe light.

Cyalume Light sticks are provided in a waterproof foil package made to a long established military specification which provides performance, ruggedness and shelf life and are phthalate free.

Cyalume products are safe because they are made with non-toxic chemicals. They do not produce heat, flames, or sparks, and can be used near combustible gasses, liquids and leaking fuels.

Dimensions: 150mm x 15mm

Weight: 20g