PFH Rap raks are precision Australian made stainless steel product, which lasts many times longer than aluminum. T

  • Stamped stength at 1100kgs.
  • 6 bar rap rak is very versatile as you can vary the rope configuration in the device (provided in instruction manual. The manufacturer recommends this model for average to heavy weight people with or without gear. 420 grams
  • 4 bar is small and light but not as veratile as 6 bar. The manufacturer recommends this rack for light to average weight people with minimal gear. 300grams. Not recomended for use on single ropes
  • The 3 bar does not have the lock off option
  • Made in Australia


They also have the added ability of locking off on an abseil. they are great straight line descenders and come in a variety of lengths so you can choose one appropriate for your application. These are very popular with canyoners, rope access workers and cavers.