The PRO 3 is designed for large groups spending long periods in remote environments on land or at sea.

This extensive first aid kit contains the wish list of quality medical items as preferred by our Wilderness Medicine Institute Instructors (doctors, nurses & paramedics). This kit is suitable for expeditions, world sailing and remote worksites.

Will treat all first aid situations for large groups who are away from medical care for a lengthy period. Includes instructions and items for treating snake bite.

Contents: Booklet, Emergency action note book, First aid booklet, Protective gloves X4, CPR face shield, Antiseptic wipes X4, Plastic biohazard bag, Biohazard sticker, Tweezers, Safety pins X3, EMT shears, Pencil, Splinter probe, Thermometer, Sterile gauze swabs X6, Cotton tips X6, Iodine swabs X6, Normal saline 15ml X4, Curved sterile irrigation syringe (10ml), Combine trauma dressing X2, Soap X2, Sterile wound closure strips X3, Tincture benzoin swab stick X3, Paw paw ointment, Elastic gauze bandage (5cmX4m), Elastic gauze bandage (7.5cmX4m), Crepe bandage 10cm light, Crepe bandage 10cm heavy, Flexible active strips X20, Knuckle dressing X2, Finger tip dressing X2, Absorbent non-adherent dressing (7.2X5cm) X3, Absorbent non-adherent dressing (10X8cm) X2, Waterproof dressing (6X7cm) X4, Waterproof dressing (10X12cm) X2, Waterproof island dressing X2, Eye pads X2, Triangle bandage X2, Adhesive tape, Athletic tape, Burn aid gel sachet, Open weave adhesive dressing (10X25cm) X2, Moist burn pad (10X10cm), Hydro gel dressing, Foam adhesive support (10cm), Aloa vera, Thermal blanket, BiteAway – for the treatment of insect bites and stings

Dimensions: 290mm x 170mm x 125mm

Weight: 900g