The Mt. Bachelor Pad is a low-profile, portable camping dog bed that gives a sense of home in different environments. Roll it out as an easy resting place that protects surfaces from dirt and dog hair, then roll it up for easy portability on the go – from home, to the car, to camp, to the office, to wherever the road takes you and your dog next.

  • Comfortable, warm, recycled polyfill interior
  • Soft, long-wearing, easy-to-clean microsuede sleeping surface
  • Non-slip waterproof base creates a moisture barrier
  • Rolls into a compact, portable bedroll with an integrated strap that stows when not in use


  • Medium: 86cm x 66cm x 2.5cm (rolled up: 33cm x 18cm)
  • Large: 122cm x 91cm x 2.5cm (rolled up: 45.5cm x 20.5cm)


  • Medium: 750g
  • Large: 1.32kg