Whether you’re a keen explorer, born bushwalker, or you prefer to live life off the beaten track, it’s vital that you’re prepared for every emergency the great outdoors can throw at you.

Punching well above its weight, our NEW SURVIVAL Remote & Outdoor Module is the ideal choice to help boost the capabilities of your existing SURVIVAL First Aid KIT.

This streamlined-yet-jam-packed module can be easily clipped on to your current KIT, and includes a whole host of extra first aid essentials.

Dimensions: T.B.A.


  • 2 x SMART bandages: The key tool to help you effectively manage potentially deadly snake and Funnel-web spider bites.
  • 10 x hydrogel sachets: A cooling gel to quickly treat burns.
  • 1 x emergency blanket: Lightweight, compact and can be used to treat shock and hypothermia.
  • 1 x 60cm x 80cm burn dressing.
  • 1 x instruction card: Offering essential information to help you treat both bites and burns.
  • Plenty of space for additional personal items: Add your own insect repellent, sunscreen, personal medications, or a couple of extra bandages – it’s entirely up to you.
  • Despite its streamlined appearance, this chock-full module also includes a heap of other must-have items to keep you safe and sound, including a mini torch, emergency whistle and daylight signal mirror.

Weight: T.B.A.