Tasmania is world famous for its magnificent mountains and this book, Volume 1 (which covers sections 1–5), together with its companion Volume 2 (which covers sections 6–10), is written specifically about Tasmania’s finest mountains, the Abels, which are all over 1100m high. Information has been sourced from a wide range of experienced bushwalkers so that a sensitive and studied portrayal is presented for each Abel. An attempt has been made to capture the unique qualities of each Abel, its nomenclature, cultural history, the best way to climb each one and the feeling of being on each summit. A vast photographic collection and colour maps assist in locating and displaying our elevated masterpieces.

  • 352 Pages
  • 350 New Images (90% of images from previous edition have been updated)
  • Numerous Maps Updated
  • Essays Updated
  • Abel Tables Updated
  • New Defined Abel Access
  • New Abel True Summit Positions Updated (at least one has changed)
  • Sections 1 – 5 (as per previous editions)

This Volume covers the following areas:

  • Northeast Abels
  • Northwest Abels
  • Central Plateau Abels
  • Walls of Jerusalem Abels
  • Overland Track Abels
  • Mount Field Abels
  • Mount Wellington Abels