When your group has made camp and it’s raining the problem of getting people together for meals or discussion remains. Everyone is either standing around in their wet-weather shells or retreated to their tents. A big tarp can be a solution if there is no wind and trees are available to pitch it from. That’s a small window of use. Our unique solution, the big, single arch WE Space Station uses a simple, diagonal arch to create huge internal volume over a square, fully useful footprint. It combines stability and useful space in a way that the big centre-poled pyramids do not. The Space Station has a single zip entry on one side, can be erected with just the two heavy-duty end pegs supplied, and is fully equipped with multiple peg points and guy cords. The canopy can be quickly slid up the pole on either or both sides to provide wide openings for brilliant cross-ventilation or views. There are three points under the pole arc where walking pole handles can be secured in pockets to provide excellent stability in a fresh breeze. Eight people can easily sit around under the Space Station and it sleeps four or more comfortably.

  • Single entry, both sides can be opened right up for convenient access, cross-ventilation and look out
  • Two, large, high-up, triangular vents
  • Six guys and three, reinforced under-arch support points


  • Floor Dimensions: TBA
  • Floor Area: TBA
  • Packed Dimensions: 40cm x 14cm

Weight: 1.95kg