Made for the solo hiker, Goondie 1 breaks the lightweight mould by offering comfort and practicality without a massive weight penalty. There is room to sit up and read or get dressed, a single door for entry and a storage hatch for your stove or boots.

  • There are two choices of flies for tents. Both options are finished with silicone and polyurethane coatings and fully seam sealed in the factory:

7D: spiffy green flies made from ultralight, 7-denier nylon with 1200mm of Sil/PU coating. Ideally suited to three-season bushwalking for the weight conscious.

30D: made from a slightly heavier and more durable 30-denier polyester. With a 1500mm sil/PU water head, these gorgeous orange numbers are not only easier to spot, they have higher UV resistance, making them better suited to four-season use.

  • There are also two inner options:

Nylon: the full, breathable nylon inner has DWR treatment for better insulation and protection from condensation. Suitable for year-round use.

Mesh: this inner is made mostly from mesh, allowing fantastic breathability and air flow. It is perfect for warmer, more humid conditions. (It is also a bit lighter than the nylon alternative.)

  • Floor: the floor used in our tent range is tough enough to stand up to life in the bush without needing a footprint underneath. Made from 75-denier, 5000millimetre, PU-coated HT nylon, the bathtub construction is watertight, with high side walls to prevent splash back.
  • The optional Tub Footprint is made from the same 70D Polyester PU, designed to be used with the fly for a light-and-fast setup.
  • Poles: All our poles are supplied by DAC, the industry leader. DAC Featherlite NSL poles are light, strong and reliable, made using a new environmentally friendly anodising process.
  • Pegs: Our forged alloy pegs are made using the same method as rockclimbing hardware – perhaps a little overengineered? Despite their strength, they’re easy to push in. We supply ten, although they are freestanding tents that can be pitched with two.


  • Length: 2,300mm
  • Width: 850mm (head) / 750mm (feet)
  • Height: 950mm
  • Vestibules: 770mm x 1


  • Goondie 1 Mesh 7D: 1,395g
  • Goondie 1 Mesh 30D: 1,605g
  • Goondie 1 Nylon 7D: 1,510g
  • Goondie 1 Nylon 30D: 1,720g